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Digital Marketing: Trends in Web Development and Web Design

It is acceptable to say that we are living in a digital age. Our daily life is not complete without the use of technology. It is everywhere. From your bedroom at home to a public washroom, you can easily find it. Technology has taken over our lives. Many people will argue that technology has disconnected people and personal interaction is no more active or lively. However, nobody can deny that technology has made our lives easier. There are disadvantages but that have arisen due to misuse of technology. If used correctly and with good intentions, technology is literally a life saver. Advanced technology is helping to improve the quality of life. Moreover, the technology available to consumers is not like rocket science. It is accessible; easy to use and understand.

Technology has made our world a global village. This global village consists of a network of small and large corporate organizations. The corporate world has become more and more competitive. Each and every organization is in search of achieving a competitive advantage. Technology is helping organizations a lot in that regard.

The most basic function of any organization is to make their service or product sell. Business students have learned about marketing strategies for years. However, in modern times, people are looking for quick ways to market. Quick doesn’t mean shortcuts. The quickest way is digital marketing.  Many organizations have turned to web design companies for website development. Especially e commerce businesses have taken a lot of advantage from web development.  There are many web development companies that are composed of skilled web developers. Web design and development has become a major focus for companies which are going the extra mile for their marketing operation. These companies know that consumers are making many decisions online than in person. Moreover, there is a lot of product and service information available online to spread awareness among customers.

Companies with small budgets can also enter digital marketing because cheap web design services are available. In fact, there is niche in this field known as small business website design. These niche web developers are working to provide affordable website designs. Another niche is also available known as e commerce website designE commerce websites often have particular needs and are more focused on online selling. For example, one of these particular needs is the addition of shopping cart option embedded in the design of their website. Open source e commerce businesses are also depend digital marketing.

Trends in Web Designs and Development

We live in a dynamic world where trends in everyday activities and products keep changing. The same applies to web designs and development Following are the trends to look for top website designs.

Navigation and Menus

Menus that help users navigate around any website are fairly common. Web developers have experimented with menu and navigation design structures for years. In 2016, web developers will be keeping up with this experimentation. However, the aim is to increase the user friendliness of these menus.


There are many advantages and drawbacks related to scrolling. Long scrolling can make it hard to find a particular type of information. On the other hand, short scrolling is to the point but it can also decrease the time a user spends on a company’s website. However, in 2016, the trend is expected to turn towards minimizing the long scroll.

Flat Design Websites

Web designs are expected to become flatter in 2016. Websites who haven’t use this aesthetic will be and those who have already developed a flatter design will be looking to make it even more flat. A good example is Google. They changed their logo to a flatter design to make it easier to read for users accessing Google on small devices.

Full-Screen Inputs

In 2016, websites are going to have a full-screen layout for input forms. Input forms are such as log ins and sign ups. This trend is related to more responsive web designs.  This layout is more user-friendly in terms of touch screens which are very common these days.


The use of GIFS or animations has become very common in website designing and layout. Since websites are becoming flatter, they have started to look similar. In 2016, web developers will be adopting richer but subtle animations. Many websites are also looking for animations that are unique so to set them apart from traditional website designs. For example, many web designers are focusing on introducing innovation in something as simple as the loading animation.

Website Functioning

Gone are the days when websites were more focused on having intricate designs. These days, users are more concerned about having a well-functioning website than being good-looking. Moreover, the more intricate the design is, the more data it uses to load at the user end. Therefore, the trend in 2016 will be more towards improving the functionality of websites.

Designing in the Browser

In 2016, more web developers will be using designing in the browser. The trend shows that web designs will be moving out of Photoshop, sketch and illustrator. Designing in the browser has many advantages like analysing the reaction of the browser to the design. Designing in the browser also takes less development time.

Particularly talking about web designs in London, it is easy to find web developers from specifically that area. London web designs are also changing in trends. These trends are almost similar to the ones discussed above.

As told earlier in this article, consumers are making online decisions. It is easier to get your customer to your website. However, the customer needs to enjoy their time navigation it if they have to make a purchase decision. Having an attractive but user-friendly web design is important. You might lose the interest of your customer if they don’t get proper awareness about the product through your website. Therefore, it is as important to upload proper content as it is to have a good web design.