Privacy Policy

1. All visitors to House of Spice interactive services are assured that: House of Spice will at all times value your right to privacy. Nonetheless, we realize that the internet is not a protected medium and as a result we have put into action some security measures to, where possible, guard the loss, exploitation or adjustment of data placed under our control.

All information collected as a result of your visit will be handled as private and will not be disclosed to a third party without your permission.

All orders placed through the internet will be confirmed via an email. If there is any amendment in delivery time or cancellation also confirmation will be send to you via email.

Please Make Sure you have access to your email while your order is in process.

2. To place either an interactive order, enter a contest or participate in an online survey, you will be obligated to provide your contact and personal data.

By submitting personal data you approve to the use of that data as set out below: We may perhaps make use of your IP address or other identifying data to aid detect problems with our server, to observe numbers of users and/or to manage our interactive services.

By selecting the 'opt in' when you register on the House of Spice website you consent that we could make use of the contact and personal information collected at your registration to assist us to make our products and services better or to send advertising related messages from us.
We can make use of personal and profile information to tailor your experience on our interactive services.

We will appeal that users who desire to give in personal data are 16 years or older or that minors get consent from their parents or legal guardians prior to submitting such data.

House of Spice does not store any credit card data you might supply, and all transactions are handled in a protected setting by well reliable Approved Financial Organisation PayPal.

At present cookies are used on House of Spice interactive services to recognize you for usability reasons. Under no circumstances do these trace your movement around the service or record any data concerning you. They are used exclusively for identifying whether you have used the site before or not, if you have; it then welcomes you as a returning user and offer to show you your very last order with House of Spice.

For more information on cookies please visit www.aboutcookies.orgThis site comprises of instructions on how to allow or reject cookies and also how to eliminate them should you desire to do so.